September 4, 2014

English Writing Assignment!

                                                  Blueberry Festival!

Hello, do you know about the Blueberry Festival that happens here in Plymouth, IN every year? Well if you don't, I’m here to tell you about the goods and bad's of the festival. First of all, the Blueberry Festival is very good for the city of Plymouth, IN. I say this because it brings in a lot of money, I couldn't find evidence of that but, gas prices go up and everything at the festival is expensive you even have to pay to park! Parking is $5.00 per car.   The money made from the Blueberry Festival is partially given to Plymouth.The festival brings in many people from all around the world,! From that, businesses nearby like hotels make so much money during the event, people that want to stay the entire weekend usually stay at hotels. These hotels wait all year for this to happen, it is where they make the most money. There are also some bad that the Blueberry Festival causes. The festival causes too much traffic. All of this traffic makes it hard to get through town. It also closes some areas of town.

August 25, 2014

Reflection on My First Week Of High School!

My First Week of School!

During my first week of school, I found out that I can type fairly fast. I can utilize this by taking notes very fast. Last week went by very fast and I learned nothing, it was all review.

April 17, 2014