Express Yourself

January 25,2013

                    These are some words I would like to start using or could myself using. 

Antagonist- I like the antagonist because I like seeing the bad guy getting beat!

Protagonist- I like the  also protagonist because I like seeing him beat the antagonist!

Mood- When the author shows the mood of the character it helps the book. I think the mood of the character either makes the book good or bad depending on the mood. That would be why i like mood.

Tone- The way narrator talks. The tone of the narrotor also makes a book either good or bad. I think this because sometimes the tone of the narrator makes a book go together!

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  1. Anonymous4/04/2013

    I don't want this to sound like any other comment but it probsd will because I'm lazy. So, I liked how you used all the pictures, and the questions you wpouild ask them were qualty quetions. You have a vary good blog here. And a very cool last name.