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January 16,2013

This week  learned how to make a portfolio. I like this because its easy.Also because i can use it all my life and look back a few years later. Then see what my writing was like a few years ago! :)

January 25,2013

This week i had an epiphany. When i had this epiphany it was in math we were learning two step equations and i didn't understand how to do it until she showed us what she does with her equals sign. What she does is she drawls a line down from the equals sign (=) to remind her that what you do to one side you MUST do to the other side! I love math it's so fun. It's also hard sometimes. Thats why I like it, because it's challenging sometimes!

February 7, 2013

This week I learned how to paint with water colored paint. I learned how to do this in art class. My teacher is Mr.Winonue. He is a nice teacher but is really boring sometimes. We are painting leaves. He paints and draws really good. I really like art class. :)

December 9, 2013  About The Diary OF Anne Frank

       In The Diary OF Anne Frank there were many characters. I am going to tell you the characters names! I will also be telling you more facts about the diary.

         The characters names were Anne Frank, Margot Frank, Mr.Frank, Mrs.Frank, and now for the Van Dann family! The Van Dann family had Peter Van Dann, Mr.Van Dann, and Mrs.Van Dann. There were also other characters like Meip Gies, Mr. Dussel and Mr. Kraler! Anne Frank and Peter Van Dann didn't get along very well in the beginning, but in the end they got along VERY WELL!

    The setting of  The Diary OF Anne Frank was they were hiding from the Nazi and were in The Secret Annex! They had to be very quiet up there because if they weren't they would get caught and be taken to a Nazi concentration camp. The Secret Annex was in the upstairs if Mr. Kraler's shop. Therefore the two families hiding up there were quiet during the day until the shop closed.

     The theme of The Diary OF Anne Frank  would be survival. Both families are trying to survive difficult and deadly times by doing whatever is necessary. Another big theme is about a girl named Anne Frank that got a diary for her 13th birthday, right before she went into hiding from the Nazi during WWII because she was a jew. In her diary, she talks about what it is like to be hiding, how she felt, and normal things that happen to teenagers. The book is all out great book and I think people should read it! 

   I would tell the end of the book, but it would spoil it if you were to want to read it! :) Have a nice day and try reading this book. It is a great book! Again have a nice day:)!

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